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Instant Updated

Now that we are completely moved to the cloud, we are able to push updates instantly to our customers.

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Community Driven

This product is community driven, our developers are working on the cloud to make it better. Interested in helping us? Join our community.

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Better Price

One of the most requested issue is the price of our previous product iDezender. With our new subscription model we are up to 40% lower priced.


dotNET C# / VB

Reverzor can decompile all .NET related applications.

Java JAR and APK

Reverezor can decompile Java JAR / APK and class files into source.

PHP Decompiling

Reverzor can decompile all kinds of PHP encoding technologies.

AutoIT Decompiling

Reverzor can decompile AutoIT executables into AU source files.

Flash Decompiling

Reverzor can decompile SWF Flash documents into FLA and raw resources.

EXE Unpacking

Reverzor can unpack AND deobfuscate all kinds of executable packers and obfuscators into unshielded exes.

The refreshed Reverzor application is a cross-platform web application. This time fully supporting Windows, Macintosh, Linux and even mobile devices. No client side software needed.


  • Stable internet connection.
  • Browser with Javascript.
  • Windows Vista or higher.

We are not supporting Windows XP or lower anymore. These olders operating systems do not support the latest SSL implementations, we require this to guarantee a safe connection.


With our experience from iDezender, we are now able to push decompilation even further. Now you can retrieve the full source code.

Still not convinced? You can test drive the 100% functional Reverzor FREE for 3 days.
Only one per customer. No limitations on decompile jobs.