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Concrete facts about Reverzor.

Designed for Windows

Reverzor works on all latest Windows operating systems. Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003/2008/2012, 7, 8, 8.1. Both x64 and x86. Virtualization supported for Linux and Mac.

The new cloud

No dependencies required, everything is done in our cloud. Instant updates are fetched to your system using the Reverzor client.

Instant updates

Reverzor works with cloud definitions, everytime you start up the Reverzor client the latest definitions are downloaded from the cloud.

Deep decompilation

With our experience from iDezender, we are now able to push decompilation even further. Now you can enjoy full source code.

Professional license

The new Professional licenses allow companies to run Reverzor on unlimited different systems.

Subscription based

We have lowered our prices for almost 40%. Reverzor is now subscription based.

Decompilation Support

The current list of supported decompilation. Please refer to the changelog on our forum for latest information.

Java Class & JAR

Reverzor can decompile JAR executables into source files, then you can decompile the .class files into source.


Reverzor can decompile AutoIt executables into AU3 source files.

ionCube, Zend, TrueBug

Reverzor can decompile ionCube 8.3 PHP 5.3, Zend 6 PHP 5.4, TrueBug 2 PHP 5.4, bCompiler, Beast, Nu-Coder, eAccelerator, MMCache.

AndroidPK APK

Reverzor can decompile Android apps APK files into full source code. Incase required decompile it using Java option.

Flash SWF

Reverzor can decompile Flash SWF files into editable FLA source, including raw resources.


Reverzor can decompile almost any installer, archive, SFX and executable packer.

Supported Technologies

This page contains a full list of supported technologies for decompiling. Please read them carefully before ordering.

For PHP encodings Reverzor does not supported licensed, expired, corrupted, server locked files; ionCube 6.x-8.3 (PHP 5.2/5.3); Zend 4-6 (PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4); bCompiler + bz2 (PHP 5.3); Nu-Coder 1-2 (PHP 5.2); TrueBug 1-2 (PHP 5.4); MMCache (PHP 4.4); eAccelerator (PHP 4.3).

Java JARs and class files; Flash SWF files; Android APKs; any .NET application; AutoIt3.

Almost all types of archives; UPX; ASPack; InnoSetup; VISE; InstallShield; KGBSFX; SFX; Cabinets; MSHelpFile; NullSoftNSIS; OasisDoc; OpenXML; RoboForm; Reflexive; SetupFactory; WiseInstaller.

Again, we do not guarantee 100% decompilation. See the demonstration results here:

Pricing & Plans

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  • Standard

    • €49,- one time setup fee.
    • License for ONE system.
    • Unlimited decompiling tasks.
    • Reactivation fee of €29,-
    • Free updates during subscription.
  • Professional

    • €299,- one time setup fee.
    • License for UNLIMITED systems.
    • Unlimited decompiling tasks.
    • Reactivation fee of €29,-
    • Free updates during subscription.
  • Test Trial

    • Test out Reverzor for FREE.
    • License for one system valid for 3 days.
    • Maximum 5 decompiling tasks for testing.
    • Decide later if you want to purchase Reverzor.
    • Test it out before buying!


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Reverzor - Universal Cloud Decompiler

The first cloud based software that decompiles everything!